About Bartley's Driving School LLC.

Nelson Bartley is the owner and operator of Bartley's Driving School. He is the classroom instructor and one of the driving instructors. He has been teaching Driver's Ed since 1972. Nelson retired after 37 years as a Lieutenant with the Portland Police Department. Nelson graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a B.S. degree on Social Studies. Nelson completed a course in accident reconstruction from Northwestern Traffic Institute in Evanston, Illinois. For three years 1977 thru 1979 he investigated serious and fatal accidents working in the traffic division.

  • Richard Olson is a retired Portland Police Sergeant who has been a driving instructor since 1999. Nelson has known Richard for over 31 years.
  • Danny Carr III  is a retired Marine Lieutenant. He resides in Portland who has been a driving instructor since 2007.  Nelson has known Danny for over 30 years.
  • Jeff Gordon a former Waterville policeman , taught Class A driving instruction at SMCC and currently. A school bus driver at Yarmouth High School.
  • Nicole Getchell has several years as a teacher and recently joined us in April 2015.

We're a small driving school with five locations that are close to each-other geographically. We are able to give more personal attention to the students.

We limit the number of students in each class so that we can provide a quality classroom/road instruction experience.

We schedule everyone individually for their driving, students are not required to be partnered with other students for the driving.

We pick-up at home, school, work or other locations that the student requests for driving lessons.

The cost quoted for the course is always inclusive, it includes classroom work and driving lessons.

There is NEVER any hidden fees such as extra for fuel, surcharge, etc.

Installment payment plans available. (click here)

Bartley's Driving School LLC

Phone:  207-657-5010
E-mail:  Nelson@BartleysDrivingSchool.net  
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